Server side APIs

We looked at how to use CommerceDNA JS library to build search functionality in your site. Now, we will look at how to use server side APIs for fine grained operations. These are low level APIs that return JSON data structure. So, prior knowledge on using APIs is required to understand these docs.

BrowseNodeLookup API

Browse node is product category organized in a hierarchical structure. It can have multiple browse nodes as children. Here, it returns the details and children of browse node 16310211:***&awsSecret=***

ItemSearch API

ItemSearch API returns the top products in a browse node. Here, it returns list of top products for browse node 1000:***&awsSecret=***&searchIndex=Books&itemPage=1 

FreeTextSearch API

FreeTextSearch API allows you to search for products without specifiying SearchIndex. This is not part of the Amazon product advertising API. It is an additional API provided by CommerceDNA for better search experience. Here, it returns the search results for headphones:****&awsSecret=***

ItemLookup API

ItemLookup API returns the details of a product for an item identifier i.e. ASIN. Here, it returns the product details for 0316412694:***&awsSecret=***

SimilarityLookup API

SimilarityLookup API returns the top selling products similar to a specified product. Here, it returns products similar to 0316412694:***&awsSecret=***

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